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Denmark introduces SSE charging containers for its first bus charging station

Date :2019-04-15 Hits:56

Denmark's first national charging station was officially put into operation in the city of Roskilde on April 13th, which is powered by SSE smart charging containers.?

In fact, this is not the debut of SSE charging container in Northern Europe. It was delivered in Reykjavik, Iceland one year ago, initially electrified its public transportation system. Then Movia, one of the largest bus operators in Denmark, decided to introduce SSE charging containers after inspecting.

The bus charging station adopts two 750kW charging containers, each consists of one container and five outdoor chargers. With centralized intelligent management, they’re of higher safety and reliability. While maintaining the outstanding performance, SSE has also upgraded the process and appearance of the containers to meet higher requirements. The container is connected to the outdoor dual-connector chargers, which can charge 10 buses at the same time. The power of a single charger is 150kW, and the two-hour 12-meter pure electric bus can be filled simultaneously in 2.5 hours.?

Currently, SSE’s working on projects in Finland and Sweden, to create a greener public transportation system for the entire Nordic region. Meanwhile, SSE has also been the Chinese EV charger manufacturer that covers most countries in the world.?

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