Capacity: solar power 100kWp, energy storage 97.6kWh, charging 300kW
Time: April, 2017 Highlight: Thesystemconsistsofdistributedsolarcorridor,energystorage,EVbuschargingstationandtheintelligentcontrolofenergymanagementsystemindependentlydevelopedbySSE.Thesolarpowergenerationadoptsthemod…">
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Solar + storage + charging system for SSE Hi-Tech Park

Date :2019-03-07 Hits:23
Location: Hubei, China
Capacity: solar power 100kWp, energy storage 97.6kWh, charging 300kW
Time: April, 2017

The system consists of distributed solar corridor, energy storage, EV bus charging station and the intelligent control of energy management system independently developed by SSE. The solar power generation adopts the modular design of "Separate installation and centralized network connection"; the energy storage system adopts mature and reliable lithium iron phosphate batteries with high energy density and long service life; and the charging station assembles five 60 kW DC fast charging piles to charge the EVs and absorb the solar power nearby. According to the local peak-valley price time, the project earns the peak-valley and peak-level price difference to save 110,900,000 RMB per year, which has high economic and environmental benefits.?

The energy storage inverters, grid solar inverters and EV chargers in the project are independently developed by SSE. With modular design, they can be flexibly configured and switched on/off grid by intelligent switching cabinet. All inverters, battery cabinets and BMS systems are centrally installed in integrated containers with easy maintain and high reliability, suitable for microgrid applications such as industrial parks, non-electric areas, and large charging stations, etc.

Energy management is the core of solar+storage+charging microgrid system, which makes solar, energy storage and charging systems interact intelligently. Users can choose not only the "solar+storage+charging" system solution, but also the "solar-storage", "solar-charging", "storage-charging" and other diversified energy allocation solutions to meet the various needs of energy use environments.

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